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Latisha Johnson

Empowerment Coach

Member of The International Honor Society for Psychology

Member of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology

“positive thinking creates positive actions that can produce positive outcomes”



Education: Bachelors of the Arts in Applied Psychology: Human Services

                         Masters of the Arts in Psychology: I/O Psychology


Coaching Experience: 10+ years of experience in mentoring and

                                               coaching kids, teens, young adults and adults

                                               through my activities  with my church,           

                                               educational path and life experiences                 


My Mission is...

To provide individual & family coaching that encourages, motivates and empowers individuals to be successful by learning lessons taught by the past and using these lessons to produce blueprints for the future.


My Vision is...


To empower clients to become the architects of their future using the "MEE" process,  (Motivation, Encouragement and Education), to stimulate mental, emotional, spiritual, and social growth needed to reach desired goals. Clients will begin to see their lives through a transformed viewpoint, understanding that they can break free from the bondage of fear that has kept them imprisoned in their past and live a healthy, balanced and full life. 


"The Fight is More Rewarding Than the Surrender"-Latisha Johnson 




What is Empowerment Coaching

Choosing to work with an empowerment coach can be a tough decision.  However, individuals can benefit greatly from hiring an empowerment coach.  The first step is recognizing the need for an empowerment coach. You would benefit from an empowerment coach if you are feeling lost, unmotivated, lack direction, need help identifying and overcoming  obstacles, need help with creating and achieving goals, career growth and much more. It is even helpful for children and young adults.  Your empowerment coach assists you with reaching the best version of your self using a process that allows you to focus on your growth and development. It's called "MEE."


your coach will ignite your interest and enthusiasm giving you a motive to become motivated and stay motivated to achieve your desired goals.


your coach will give support, help build your confidence and increase your faith. This will stimulate the actions needed to achieve your desired goal.


your coach will provide you with intellectual, social, emotional tools needed to be successful on your journey towards your desired goals.


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