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Empowerment Coaching Philosophy

As an Empowerment Coach my goal is to ignite your interest and enthusiasm, giving you a desire to not only become motivated but to stay motivated. You will be supported and your confidence and faith in yourself will increase, by stimulating the actions needed to achieve your desired goals. It is also my goal to provide you with intellectual, social and emotional tools needed to be successful on the journey to self-actualization. You cannot control what will happen to you, but you can control how you feel and how you will react. I believe that you are the architect of your life and you can use lesson from the past to help you create blueprints for your future. The focus of your coaching will be solution-based, focusing less on the problem and more on the transformation. I am proof that you can transform your life this way and I am excited to empower you to go after your dreams!

Payment Plans Available for all Coaching Programs

Before any coaching services are performed, clients must complete and submit the client contract and consent forms.

Personal Coaching

Children/Teen Coaching

Career Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

Personal coaching services are for those individuals who, (but not limited to), are feeling stuck and unfulfilled, but are not sure why, have dreams but no drive, need to learn how to set and achieve goals, feel that their life's purpose is not what they are doing right now, feel "there has to be more, and much more.

While I am professional Empowerment coach with a degree in Psychology, I am not a medical professional and do not offer medical advice or dispense any medication.

Personal coaching services I offer:

  • Uncovering lessons from the past to create blueprints, (goals) for the future
  • Discovering personal gifts and skills
  • Bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in terms of
  • Time management
  • Money management
  • Decision-making/problem solving
  • Relationships
  • Creativity
  • And much more

And creating practical and realistic actions to bring balance decreasing the gap

Helping clients who engaged in delinquent behavior work towards positive change. It is never too late, and they are not a loss cause. I want to ignite that fire inside of them and remind them that they can become whatever they set their minds to. The past does not define you, let us use it to make positive change.


Children/Teen Coaching I offer:

  • Skills to improve relationships
  • Study skills
  • Time management skills
  • Decision making/Problem solving skills
  • Increasing emotional intelligence
  • And other areas of concern


My Career Coaching program is designed for individuals entering the workforce for the first time, those looking for a career change and newly graduated high school students looking to figure out their career move.


Career coaching services I offer:

  • Creating a vision for possible careers to pursue
  • Resume Evaluation/Edits/Writing & Mock interviews
  • Identifying what makes you essential to your clients and organization
  • Maximizing your talents and skills
  • Developing your career plan
  • Integrating your values into your career
  • Maximizing your worth strategy (compensation, job content alignment, visibility, recognition)
  • Balancing your personal and professional success
  • Developing your teaming and leadership abilities
  • Other career issues you are concerned with



Want to deepen your relationship with Christ? Want to know his purpose for your life and gain a better understanding of the love he has for you? Spiritual Growth Coaching can help you grow with God and live the life he has planned for you.

Spiritual Coaching services I offer:

  • All services of personal coaching but from a biblical perspective
  • Help you understand who they are in Christ
  • Understand your purpose
  • Cognitive renewal using biblical scripture
  • Increase prayer life
  • Strengthen personal and spiritual relationships
  • And any other area of concern

Organizational Development Consulting

Helping organizations improve their morale and productivity by researching and analyzing their enviornments and implementing interventions that promote change and growth. . 


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